With decades of experience to back us up, we continue to be the regions most trusted Fine Jewelry Repair location! We strive to help you maintain and prolong the life of your jewelry and family heirlooms. We do recommend you get your jewelry, rings especially, reviewed by an expert at least every 6 months to a year. Pair your yearly jewelry assessment with a holiday to help you remember, or simply put a reminder on your phone. 

Jewelry is much like a car. You need to keep up with maintenance in order to get the longest life possible. Although diamonds are forever, the material that surrounds it is NOT! We would rather help you with regular checks than to have you go a couple year only to loose a stone, hypothetical. We don't wish that on anyone!

It is far more expensive to go years without repair only to have stones fall out, shanks crack, broken prongs, etc. all at once to simply be able to wear it. We highly recommend yearly checks. Stop in to have our experts take a look at your favorite jewelry items!