Custom Design

Our three tiers of customization allow us to work with a variety of processes to make your dream jewelry!

If you have a vision of your dream piece of jewelry, we have the expertise and tools to turn it from an idea into reality. Whether you have a compilation of images from Pinterest, creating a similar replica to a vintage heirloom, or a sketch on a paper napkin, we can figure out which process will be right for you and your piece. Come in for a design consultation and we can get you on the right track.



Set your stones (or ours) into a variety of pre-made mountings to choose from here.

*Stop in for questions about the details needed for your stones, such as measurements, weights and ring size (if needed).

Design Modification

Using our in-house computer aided design program, alter live existing designs to turn a piece of jewelry you like into a personalized piece you love.

Complete Custom Design

Nothing is impossible! Using traditional hand-carved wax patterns or computer aided design, these custom pieces can be made to any specifications.